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Updated 8/4/15

We have several guardian home options available now for local WI families...puppies and adults!  Please see our guardian home page for more information.  

Welcome to Blueberry Cottage Labradoodles! We breed mainly medium (30-45 lbs) and standard (45-65 lbs) labradoodles in our home, although we do occasionally have minis as well. We are located and raise puppies in both Southern CT and Western WI. Our labradoodles have wonderful temperaments and excellent health. Labradoodles are known and cherished for their:

  • exceptional therapy and service work
  • charming, loving, goofy, playful and gentle nature
  • great with kids and other animals
  • allergy friendly, low to no shedding coats
  • generally a lack of doggie odor
  • health and temperament tested breeding dogs

Our breeding dogs are our pets and live with us or guardian homes where they are cherished, loved and a bit spoiled. :) Our happy dogs have lots of land to run around on at our home.

Our puppies are born in our bedroom and are very well socialized with friends and family. Most of our puppies meet around 75-100 different people prior to going home!

We hope you enjoy our website. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Front (L to R): Meg & Bachi, Back (L to R): Lexi & Jasper

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