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All of our breeding dogs are tested to a very high standard...higher than is required by the ALAA for gold paw status.  They go through the following health testing in order to give you the best possible chance for a puppy who is healthy for life.  While we can't control Mother Nature, we try our best to prevent life altering diseases.  

Our Girls

Our Boys


PennHip, OFA Hips, and/or eVet Diagnostics

We do at least one of the above types of hip testing.  If we do PennHip we may also do preliminary OFA Hips. PennHip is considered to be final tetsting at 4 months of age or older.  OFA Hips are not considered final until after 2 years of age.  Prior to 1 year of age OFA will not publish hip results on any dogs.  If we don't do PennHip, the dog will receive their OFA final hip testing at 2 years of age.  eVet Diagnositcs uses the same methodology as OFA.

OFA Elbows

All of our dogs have x-rays of their elbows to determine if they have elbow dysplasia.  


All of our dogs are examined for patellar luxation.  The patellas, or knee caps, can pop out of place which is considered an inherited disease.  


The are all genetic diseases that can be completely avoided if breeders test for the disease.  All of our dogs are tested or cleared through parentage for these diseases.  PRA causes dogs to go blind at an early age and vWD is a bleeding disorder.  EIC is exercise induced collapse.  More information can be found about these diseases on our links page.  


This is an eye exam that sould be performed annually to look for things such as cataracts.  More information can be found on our links page.  

Neonatal Encephalopathy

This is a genetic recessive developmental brain disease in which no puppies ever survive past the age of 7 weeks.  

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