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Past Litter - Jade x Joey

Jade and Joey

DOB:  May 6, 2017

Go home date: July 2, 2017
Colors: Chocolate, apricot and caramel
Size expected: Mediums (25-35 lbs)
Breed: Australian Labradoodles
Price: $2750 plus sales tax (as applicable)
Pickup available in WI or delivery through out the US!
All of these puppies are spoken for unless you are local.  We are looking for one local guardian.


  • BCL Breeder - accepting Guardian application
  • Breeding Prospect
  • Blaine - CT
  • Cochrane - MN
  • Barrett - CT
  • Marlowe - NY 
  • Walsh - MA
  • Reiser - IA

Week 7 - We found out who are forever familes will exciting!!!

Week 5 - We liked our first trip outside and LOVE solid foods!

Week 4 - We get to try solid foods this week!

Week 3 - We are now using the litterbox and soon we starting eating solid foods.

Week 2 - Look at those beautiful eyes peeking at us this week!

Week 1 - Welcome litle ones!

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