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Past Litter - Lexi x Chevy

Lexi x Chevy

DOB:  August 2, 2016

Go home date: September 27, 2016
Colors: Apricot, Cream or Caramel
Size expected: Large Medium/Sm Standards (35-50 lbs)
Breed: Australian Labradoodles
Price: $2,750 plus sales tax or delivery
Litter raised in WI
Delivery available anywhere in the US!

If you are interested, please fill out an application.



  • OPEN - Breeding Prospect - Orange Boy (35-40 lbs)
  • Zeller - Lilac Girl
  • Plumb - Black Boy 
  • Nussbaum- Blue Boy 
  • Hannula - Yellow Boy 
  • Tolentino - Lime Girl
  • Ryberg - Forest Boy
  • Graham - Gray Boy
  • Eickholt - Teal Girl

Week 7.5 - We start going home to our forever families this week!

Week 6 - We LOVE playing outside!  We are so fast, it's hard to take good pictures!!!

Week 5 - We are so excited to go out and play this week once it drys up a bit!

Week 4 - We LOVE real food!!!

Week 2 - We are getting bigger every day!

Week 1 - We are all gaining weight and doing well.  




Newborn - Welcome little cuties!

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