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Past Litter - Lexi x Dublin

Lexi and Dublin

Lexi had 10 gorgeous puppies!

DOB:  April 19, 2014

Go home date:  June 15, 2014

Colors: Cream, Apricot and Red

Size expected:  Mediums/Small Standards (35-65 lbs)

Breed:  Australian Labradoodles

All puppies have homes waiting for them!



Pictures of Lexi and Dublin as puppies

Lexi loves to play in the backyard...ball and frisbee are her favorite!  She is very smart, goofy and athletic.  Dublin is so friendly and gentle natured.  He loves to climb up on any lap if you will let him. Lexi and Dublin should have an active, playful and adventurous litter of puppies.   



Week 7 - We loved all of our recent visitors!







Week 6 - We love to go outside to play!







Week 4 - We are really loving our new solid food!







Week 3 - We are just starting to wrestle and play!







Week 2 - We are just starting to open our eyes this week!





Week 1 - We are growing so fast!






Newborn - Welcome to the world little ones!




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