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Past Litter - Lilly x Rocky

Lilly and Rocky

DOB:  April 9, 2015
Go home date: June 7, 2015
Colors: Tri-color/Sable, Apricot, Caramel and a Parti
Size expected: Mini/Mediums (25-30 lbs)
Breed: Australian Labradoodles
Litter raised in CT


All puppies have been reserved at this time.



Pictures of Lilly and Rocky as puppies

These puppies are adorable and should be confident, mischievous puppies who love to play ball!!! 

Week 8 - We are so excited to be going home to our new families this weekend!!!






Week 7 - We are completely weaned now and loving our food!!!






Week 6 - We are much more active this week and love all our outdoor time!






Week 5 - We loved our first outdoor adventures this week and can't wait to meet our families this weekend!






Week 4 - We are eating solid foods and will soon be moving to the living room!






Week 3 - We are starting to wobble around on our sea legs!  Pretty soon we will be running and jumping!





Week 2 - Our eyes are open but it is very blurry right now.  Later this week we will begin to hear things!





Week 1 - All the puppies and momma are doing well.  They are all over a pound now!





Newborns - Welcome to the world little ones!



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