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Past - Meg x Dublin

Meg and Dublin

DOB:  Nov 1, 2014

Go home date:  Jan 3, 2015

Colors:  Black, Apricot and Cream

Size expected:  Medium (25-35 lbs)

Breed:  Australian Labradoodles

All of these puppies have forever homes waiting for them.

We are looking for a guardian home near LaCrosse, WI for one female puppy who we hope to have join our breeding program upon completion of her health testing.  She will be our pick of the litter!!  



Pictures of Meg and Dublin as puppies

Meg is my little girl who likes to frolic!  She is floppy and playful with enough mischief to keep everyone on their toes.  Although it can take her a bit to warm up to new folks, she wants to be everyone's or human!!  She loves to cuddle up with people.  Dublin is so friendly and gentle natured.  He loves to climb up on any lap if you will let him.  We can't wait to see puppies from this mating.  We should have some adorable "teddy bear" puppies in this litter, both fleece and wool!



Week 8 - We can't wait to go home with our new families!!!




Week 7 - We had such fun visiting with everyone last weekend!





Week 5 - Everyone is enjoying their new space in the dining room and playmates!




Week 2 - They are just opening their eyese and soon will begin to start playing!




Week 1 - Welcome to the world little ones!!!



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