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Past Litter - Meg x Phin

Meg and Annabelle's Phineas T. Barnum

DOB:  June 9, 2015
Go home date: August 8, 2015

Meg had a huge retirement litter for us with 11 puppies.  Unfortunately two did not make it.  All of these puppies have homes waiting for them!

We are looking for one guardian home near LaCrosse, WI or St Paul, MN for one female puppy who we hope to have join our breeding program upon completion of her health testing.  She is our pick of the litter!!  



Meg and Phineas as puppies

Pictures of Phineas are courtsey of Annabelle Doodles of New England

This final litter of Meg's should be a confident, cuddly and fun loving group of puppies. We needed to find a local stud due to our crazy schedule and we can't wait to see Meg and Phin's puppies! 


  1. Breeder (Lime Girl)
  2. Smith - Ivory Girl
  3. Viveiros - Teal Girl
  4. Amaral - Red Boy
  5. Bradley - Pink Girl
  6. Pfadenhauer - Lilac Girl
  7. Serabian - Blue Boy
  8. Gerber - Forest Boy
  9. DeRose - Yellow Boy

    Week 8 - We go to our forever families this week and can't wait!!!







    Week 7 - It sure is hot out but we still love to be outside!







    Week 6 - We had lots of visitors this past weekend and had great fun!!







    Week 5 - We get to have our first outside adventures today!







    Week 4 - We love to wrestle and have visitors!!!







    Week 3 - We are starting to move more and wrestle with each other!







    Week 2 - Our eyes are just beginning to open!







    Week 1 - We are all gaining lots of weight!







    Newborn - Welcome to the world little ones!




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