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Past Litter - Soda x Joey

Soda x Joey

DOB:  Jan 9, 2017

Go home date: Mar 6, 2017
Colors: Apricot, Cream or Caramel
Size expected: Mini/Medium (20-30 lbs)
Breed: Australian Labradoodles
Hand delivered throughout the US!

We are looking for one guardian home near Eau Claire, WI or St Paul, MN for a puppy who we hope to have join our breeding program upon completion of their health testing.  He/She will be our pick of the litter!!  




  • BCL Breeder (Orange Boy) - accepting Guardian application
  • Edwards - Blue Boy
  • Thomas - Pink Girl
  • Pauwels - Yellow Girl
  • Worrick - Lilac Girl
  • Fegan - Green Boy (pending)

Week 6 - Can you believe how cute we are???

Week 4 - We are toddling around, finding our voices and wrestling with each other!

Week 3 - We are just starting to use our potty area this week!

Week 2 - We just started to open our eyes and peek at the world around us...mostly momma!

Week 1 - Welcome to the world little ones!

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