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Past Litter - Lilly x Dublin

Lilly had 7 beautiful puppies!

DOB:  8/15/14

Go Home Date:  October 11-12, 2014

Colors:  Apricot and Cream

Size expected:  Medium/Small Standards (35-45 lbs)

Breed:  Australian Labradoodles

Price:  2,750 + sales tax

Litter raised in CT

All of these puppies have homes waiting for them!



Lilly and Dublin as puppies

Lilly is incredibly sweet.  She loves a good rub on her back and will practically fall over getting into the best position for a rub!  She loves to play ball and is super fast.  She is the spitting image of her momma Lexi!  We think she is going to be a wonderful momma as she keeps watch over her "sister" Ruby when she is sleeping.  Lilly also carries parti (white and solid color) so we may get some puppies with white mismarks from this litter.  Lilly and Dublin should have cuddly, playful and active puppies. 

 Week 8 - Lots of new adventures start for us this week with our new families!




Week 7 - In one more week we get to go home to our new families!



Week 6 - Can you tell we like playing in the water dish?!?!



Week 5 - Everyone is interested in exploring outside now.



Week 3 - Everyone is more mobile now and exploring a little bit.  




Week 2 - The puppies are just starting to open their eyes.  They will begin to explore more next week!



Week 1 - The puppies are all growing and gaining weight...good job Lilly!



Newborn - Welcome to the world little ones!


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