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Past Litter - Paisley x Dublin

Paisley had 7 beautiful puppies!

DOB: 7/13/14

Colors:  Black and Apricot

Size expected: Mediums (20-35 lbs)

Breed: Australian Labradoodles

All of these puppies have homes!



Pictures of Paisley and Dublin as puppies

Week 8 - We all go home to our new families next week!!!



Week 7 - The puppies are growing so fast and will be going to their new homes before too much longer.



Week 5 - The puppies have had lots of outdoor adventures this week and are loving every minute of their outdoor time!



Week 4 - The puppies are enjoying their new space in the dining room!




Week 3 - The puppies are starting to play and wrestle!



Week 2 - Our eyes and ears are just beginning to open.  Things are still blurry but they should clear up this week!






Week 1 - We are growing so fast and have already doubled in weight!




Newborn - Welcome to the world little ones!




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